About the book


If you are a woman who is:

  • Feeling that you were born to do something bigger or more fulfilling, but struggling to determine what that is
  • Presently employed, but seeking a better position due to lack of opportunity, being overlooked for promotion or not getting the recognition you deserve
  • Re-entering the workplace after an hiatus
  • Suffering a job loss or entering the workforce for the first time

This career coaching book is for you! Virginia Russell, women's career coach, corporate training designer, workshop leader, and organization development expert, offers over 15 years of experience to help you clarify your dream job, create your personal brand and achieve your goals. The book addresses the issues relevant to you as a working woman, and provides specific direction to coach yourself to your next career step. The practical assessments, exercises, worksheets and easy-to-follow suggestions in the book will help you:

  • Revisit your original career dream.
  • Uncover your values and unlock the authentic you.
  • Identify your personal mission and vision.
  • Verify your strengths - through formal assessments and informal exercises.
  • Recognize and celebrate your accomplishments.
  • Set goals to move you forward.
  • Identify and transform the obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals.
  • Make an action plan and begin your journey towards success.
  • Guide you through your job search process
"Virginia Russell does not advocate a conventional climb-the-ladder approach to your next job. She has a step-by-step approach that helps you focus on your values, achievements, skills and strengths, not just job titles. She helps you identify obstacles and discover what you really want. By the end of this compact book you will have identified your unique brand, positioning you well on your way to finding your dream job." Dee Wedemeyer, former editor at The New York Times.
"Virginia's book answers that favorite interview as well as internal question - Why You? She invites you to take a thought provoking inward journey and at the end of it, brings you in for a landing. Suddenly there it is: your personal brand which, with renewed confidence and passion, you can bring to your job search" Christopher D'Marco, President, Change and Response, Incorporated.