Training Testimonials

Managing Up: "We felt this program was so excellent that we are going to suggest it for other departments next year."
- Christine Tricoli
HR Manager, The New York Stock Exchange
Excelling As A Manager: "This program made participants realize that they are not alone and that it is difficult to be a manager these days. It gave our managers lots of insights and many practical hard and soft skills to use with staff members."
- Jamie Lind
Director of Training, TSI Communications/McCann Erickson
Conflict Management: "Our company has been going through so many changes in the last several years that participants felt the training helped to bring them together on some of the issues we have been faced with. One participant even commented that he is looking forward to resolving his next conflict."
- Michelle Foriska
Process Engineering, Georgia Pacific Corporation
Teambuilding Using the Myers Briggs: "The team and I found this seminar very beneficial in recognizing the strengths we exhibit as a group and where we need to compensate. It was also interesting to recognize how each member processes information and makes decisions. This will help us to work more smoothly together in the future."
- Danielle Gustafson
Manager Web Team, New York Stock Exchange
Managing Stress in a Demanding Work Environment: "I just wanted to let you know that the trainer did a wonderful job of providing a very interactive seminar for the pharmacy team. I got rave reviews from both of the Directors as well as the staff who attended. The program provided a great opportunity for the managers to learn more about their employees and what stressors are felt in their workplace."
- Terry Robinson
Hospital Account Executive, Eli Lilly & Company
Managing Multiple Projects and Bosses: Delivered for the Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and New York offices of Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy "This seminar was the perfect vehicle to kick off our new Corporate University. Participants feel they will be able to work more efficiently on projects in the future."
- Sue Liberth
Manager of Training, New York
The Dynamics of Teamwork: "This seminar provided relevant and practical teambuilding methods. One of the various tools learned was how to become a solution-oriented individual, resulting in more effective team performance overall."
- Cowana Horsted
Manager, Chadbourne & Parke LLP
Effective Communication and Client-Service Skills: "This was the first time our firm has had a seminar using an outside company. Since the seminar, the morale of our staff is unbelievable! The trainer was very enthusiastic and the content captured the audience. Everyone would like more training."
- Camille Iann
Manager, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae
"The initial program for our New York based Banking and Research staff was so successful that we offered subsequent seminars in Chicago, San Francisco and London!"
- Heather Mullen
Equity Research, DLJ Securities
Developing a Service Culture on Campus: "The program was very much on-target in addressing the specific service issues of our students, parents, and outside clients. Every participant gave the trainer 'excellent' on the evaluations and I am thrilled to pass these along to our new President."
- Tina Flanagan
HR Manager, Marymount Manhattan College
Customer Service: Training delivered to the Member Services Division of Local 32BJ, New York "The sessions were tailored to meet each groups needs, and the training not only motivated employees and managers, but also taught them skills they will remember for the duration of their careers. Based on the success of the program, we look forward to doing other types of training in the future."
- Pat Torres
Human Resources
Project Management and Meeting Facilitation: "Using the skills learned from the training sessions, I ran one of the best meetings of my career today. In fact, one of the participants came up to me after the meeting and complimented me. How often does that happen! Wanted to share this with you."
- Howard Sebold
Manager Broadcast Department, The New York Stock Exchange

Coaching Testimonials

One-on-One Coaching: "I am excited about seeing the results of my Myers Briggs Assessment. It has been good having you here and you will be missed."
- Anne Marie Gioia
Media Relations, New York Stock Exchange
One-on-One Coaching: "Let me take this opportunity to thank you in writing for the assistance and support you have shown me in our sessions. I leaned and now appreciate the techniques of the focused listener and have already begun to improve my organization skills. I truly appreciate your 'hands on' support during my transition here."
- Judith Yadda
McGraw-Hill Companies
One-on-One Coaching: "Thank you for your constructive assistance! I finally had the conversation we talked about and it seems that it could not have gone better. I feel we have turned a corner and you facilitated that. I want to look more at the 'Coaching Concept'."
- Betty Ann Driver
Columbia College Teachers College